Creation Begins The Moment We Realize That We Are
Absolute Genius, Just By Being Us.


Vladica´s capacity to go beyond tragedy to possibility is remarkable!
And this book may just inspire you to do the same.

DR. DAIN HEER, Author of Being You Changing the World

Vladica’s life journey is a great inspiration to all who chose to move on after difficult situations in life. Her strength, energy and joy of life are contagious. Her compassion and ability to feel other people is a huge contribution. I am grateful that I am part of her journey.

MIA LARSSON, Professor, Sweden


My son was dramatically killed in 2010 and this situation completely changed my life. And yet through that experience, I chose to become a contribution to the world and to live in gratitude. It was as if a miraculous light was carrying me in the very moment I chose that.

2019 I launched the book ‘YOU ARE THE POWER – Choose to Create the Life you Desire‘. Based on my life, it demonstrates how “dialing in” to life itself when the unthinkable happens is possible. With practical tools, meditations and coaching I show you how to reconnect based on your own circumstances. The book uses joy, humor, remembrance, and reflection to help you find the places within your own self where you have locked away your potential and removed yourself from the space of being.


Based on the book, I have developed the coaching program ‘YOU ARE THE POWER – Choose to Create the Life you Desire’. If you are looking for real change and results where you are in control of your destiny, then this program is your tool. I specialize in helping you individuate from your old conditioned patterns to get you to a higher level of consciousness, and a place and space of choice and joy, where you are the driver and creator of your life.


Have you ever acknowledged what a potent creator you are? Have you ever wondered what would it be like to have so much potency that everything you do changes people around you? Would you be willing to step into your creative capacities and choose life and living? Would you like to explore possibilities?

These classes are about potency and you as a creator!

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