Terms and conditions

Vladica Djordjevic International aim is to Empower you to create a different reality based on possibilities instead of problems - however, ultimately YOU are the person responsible for what you create. Any tools that you implement from this website or any classes are your choice.

Content of workshops, seminars, sessions or telecalls

The method trained by the Company of its Facilitators is based on the tools and techniques of

1. Access Consciousness (
2. Radical Collaboration Training by Human Element
3. Kundalini Yoga Teachings
4. Classical Homeopathy
5. The Nia White Belt - the Art of Sensation - by Debbi Rosas

further referred to as the “Tools and Techniques”

1. The Tools and Techniques are a method of life coaching, facilitating and ways to improve customers well-being, self confidence and self-esteem. It is about Empowering YOU to know what YOU know.

2. The content of the classes, workshops and sessions (the “Services”) of the Company are general advises and services that never guarantee a certain result or improvement of a current situation.

Coaching and Facilitating versus Therapy

The Tools and Techniques and the method used by the Company do not guarantee any specific result or change. They are a service, not a therapy.
The Tools and Techniques used cannot and will never heal diseases or mental disorders, nor can they replace any therapy, treatment of medication plan given to customers by their doctors or therapists.

Clients and customers under supervision of a doctor or under therapy – for physical or mental reasons – must consult their doctor or therapist before changing their treatment plan or therapy or alter it in any way based on information received from the Company.

Cancellation Policy

3.1. For workshops, online classes and seminars:

1. Customers of the Company have choice. There is no cancellation fee or no-show fee after registration.

1. In case a customer has paid for a Service already, he/she can cancel at any time and the Company will refund the payment minus transaction fees imposed by the respective payment provider

3.2. For Private Sessions:

Private Sessions must be cancelled at least 24 hours before the session is scheduled. In case of later cancellation or no- show the cancellation fee is 100%

3.3. For Products
1. For instant download products there will be no refund.

Data Protection

In respect of the Data Protection, the current version of the Data Protection Declaration applies.
Please click here: topic/data-protection/data-protection-eu_en


Any content of this homepage, the classes, the workshops and the telecall is protected by the copyright of the Company. It is not allowed to use any content of any Service without prior written approval of the Company.

Release for Audio and video Recording

All classes, telecalls, seminars and workshops are recorded for audio and made available to participants. Online Classes may also be streamed via zoom or other video conferencing platforms, with the cameras generally focused on the person currently speaking.
When registering for a seminar, class, telecall or workshop participants agree to be recorded, filmed and agree that the recordings – including their face and voice are sent to other class participants.

If ta customer – for whatever reason – does not want to be filmed, he/she must turn of the camera function of his/her device or cover the camera when speaking. If a customer does not want to be recorded, all questions can be asked in a written thread as well, that is visible to all other class participants. In order to provide the services offered, the acceptance of a legal disclaimer is condition to register for a class.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

Any dispute arising out of a contractual relationship with the Company shall be filed with the relevant court being competent for the Company.


Any and all liability for any damage what so ever is herewith excluded to the extent that European consumer protection act allows such exclusion and/ore waiver.


Data Protection Declaration
Who collects your Data?

The legal entity collecting data is:
Company name:
Vladica Djordjevic International Volontarsgatan 6
Helsingborg, Sweden
Email: [email protected]

What data is stored?

I store all data that I need in order to keep the business relationship I have with my clients. These are full name, telephone number, e-mail, home and work address.

For tax purposes I store your tax or VAT identification number and all data I need to issue a correct invoice in all jurisdictions I do business. I also store data about the classes, workshops, seminars and telecalls you already did with me and/or Access Consciousness in order to be able to track your prerequisites for advanced classes

Why do I store your data?

I store your data in order to provide the services I offer and fulfill my contractual agreement with my customers. Personal data is stored to register customers for classes and to keep them updated if they have agreed to receive my newsletter and updates. Keeping track of the classes, and telecalls you already did enables me to manage your prerequisites. Class and telecall recordings are stored and sent out in order to enable clients and customers to re listen to these products.

Who has access to your data?

Everyone who needs access to the data in order to fulfill our contractual agreement with our customers. In addition, outsourced agencies, accountants and IT developers get access to your data whenever and wherever required to fulfill our legal obligations towards official authorities and improvement of our services.

How long is the data stored?

We keep the data stored as long as we have a business relationship with your customers and longer as we are obligated by law (for tax purposes).

What data protection rights do you have as a customer?

Customers have the right of information, correction, deletion or limitation of their stored data.

Are Customers obligated to provide their data?

Customers must provide all data I need in order to enable me to fulfill my contractual obligations of the services I offer.

Profiling and Automatization
I do not do profiling. The check of prerequisites for classes with other classes or telecalls as prerequisite is processed automatically.

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