Unlock your inner potential – HARROGATE, UK, June 29-30
What is it & what motivates you to join this training?

Our target is for you to find out where and how you lock your unconsciousness attitudes and behavior that impact your body health, relationships and finances by discovering, exploring and unlocking your inner potential

In this 2 day workshop you will receive tools to unleash your inner potential and your effectiveness regarding the skills required to explore the possibilities available with your relationships and gain self awareness

We will look at :
1. Collaborative Intention
2. Truthfullness – The ability to speak the truth and listen to the truth
3. Self Awareness and Awareness of others
4. Take Responsibility for your action
5. Confront your negative talk
6. Unhook your buttons.
7. Action plan for the change you are asking for

We will do a lot of exercises in the class and you will work in groups
We will do Life Line exercise
Questions and clearings
Exploring Parental Traits
Explore the Red Zone and Green Zone
Connection with the Body

This training is for you if you…
• Desire to make a personal commitment to seek mutual gains in your relationships and take responsibility for the full range of choices you make
• Desire to be able to create an atmosphere where people feel safe to tell their truth
• Desire to know yourself deeply and deal with difficult (inter-)personal issues
• Desire to skillfully negotiate your way through probable conflict to a greater possibility and different outcome.

Investment in you is £610.00 for this two day class

Where: The Old Swan Hotel, Swan Rd, Harrogate HG1 2SR

Contact May Lloyd and Sharon Shaw for more information


May: 07586 349 410
Sharon: 07754 099305