What if 2019 could you be greatest year ever so far?
What if you could create beyond anything you could never imagine?

With this class we would like to take you to a whole new space and clear everything that stands in the way of you creating and having more.

We will identify your distinct styles with drivers and motivations, your strength and weaknesses in normal and stressful circumstances, and your potential stressors.

We will use Lifo® Method as a training or coaching and the tools from Access Consciousness .

You will take with you an action plan for 2019 and after the class we will get together once per month for 6 months to get you to your target.

The class will cover the topics of:

Body and self

Are you ready to make ALL of this work for you in a phenomenal way?

This class will also be livestreamed so you can come in person AND you can also join in on-line, or get the recordings. Whatever way works for you.

Where: London
Venue: to be annouced

Investment : 197 GBP

Early bird price 180 GBP (pay by November 30th to take advantage of this great price!)

Please pay here:

Early bird price, please pay here

Please register with Alun Jones email: alun@alun-jones.com

Vladica Djordjevic
Author, Executive Facilitator, CF