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Imperfect Brilliance Om Times Podcast

Join host Betsy McLoughlin and guest Vladica Djordevic as they speak about choice! It can be simple and we can make it complicated. Vladica’s personal story in her book ‘You Are The Power: Choose to Create the Life You Desire‘ has inspired many people around the world, and in this episode, she shares more about her journey after an unimaginable loss – from despair to light.

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What is the phenomenance of embodiment? How to create with your body and communicate with your body in a way in which everything that you create becomes greater? How is it being connected to everything and opening for receiving a different possibility? What if your body is the key?

Discover abundance, joy, money, relationships, creationship and more on this free Zoom event from Argentina!

Big, Better, Best Books Podcast

Vladica shares the story of the devastating murder of her son and how she made a choice to live and be a change and contribution to consciousness through this experience. With podcast host Katarina Wallentin, Vladica shares how writing her book was a healing process, what it means to be empowered to go beyond a tragedy, how being grateful is a practice, tools for choosing to live after tragedy, and how she wants to help others use their powers and capacities to generate their lives in a totally different way.

Business And Bodies, Orgasmic Creation Of Possibilities

How does this interact? And what is it all about? How do you transform your energy and feed your business and your body to be the energy of liveliness, creation, possibilities, exuberant expression of life! Welcome to find out!

Inspiration, JOY, creation, sexualness and more!

Access Consciousness German Blog – Guest Interview

What if every morning is a new beginning to create something greater for us and consciousness? Discover 2 tools for how to connect with your body every morning!

Vladica has an awareness and gratitude for her body that goes beyond the “ordinary and normal”, but it wasn’t always so. 25 years ago it was a different story. Vladica shares her journey towards a completely different reality of conscious communication with our bodies.


HRT:  Iscjeliteljica neobičnog životnog puta

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Ova metoda metoda me je izvukla iz teškog očaja, a toliko je jednostavna! 

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