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Nothing Should Shake You From The Awakening Art That Is Within You –
The Art Of Living And The Art Of Being You...


I'm Vladica

a seasoned professional with 25 years of corporate experience. 

Throughout my journey, spanning nearly 15 years, I've been dedicated to the art of facilitation, coaching, leadership training, and guiding individuals towards rediscovering their innate power.

As a Trustful Leadership, Radical Collaboration, LIFO Orientation, and Harrison Assessment Trainer, I've honed my skills to make a lasting impact.

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Beyond the accolades

Beyond the accolades and achievements lies a life rich with experiences – a tapestry woven with triumphs and tribulations. 

Every course, every technique, and every pursuit has been a personal quest for answers, healing, and the strength to pursue the life of my dreams.

I understand where you are, wherever that might be on your journey. I'm here to connect, support, and collaborate with you in forging a path towards a more prosperous and fulfilling life.

Born in a quaint Serbian town, my early years saw a move to Sweden. 

After two decades immersed in the corporate realm, complete with a rewarding job, I found myself surrounded by material comfort but an underlying current of unhappiness and physical pain. Eczema, rheumatic discomfort, and a fibromyalgia diagnosis painted a challenging picture.

Change is coming

This discomfort became a catalyst for my exploration into yoga, philosophy, leadership training, coaching education, homeopathy, meditation, and the transformative realm of Access Consciousness.

Yet, nothing could prepare me for the trials ahead. After weathering a struggling marriage and a painful divorce, the universe dealt a devastating blow – the untimely and violent loss of my beloved son.

How does one carry on when the world seems devoid of meaning?

How does one find purpose when half of their heart has been torn away? In that pivotal moment, I chose life. Armed with the tools and insights I'd gathered, I resolved to not only survive but to contribute and thrive.

Though sharing the most traumatic chapters of my life is daunting, it's a privilege to have touched others through my experiences. Many have drawn strength from my journey, finding the courage to tackle their own challenges, shifting perspectives, and embracing life's fullness. Every sunrise offers a choice: to fully live, to nurture potential, to embrace gratitude, and to pursue goals, or to let aspirations fade into obscurity. 

I became the pioneer as the first ever certified facilitator to introduce Access Consciousness to the Balkan region. 

Since then, I have conducted numerous classes, providing education to countless Bars practitioners and facilitators. 

Witnessing the transformative power of Access Consciousness tools being embraced and changing lives fills me with immense satisfaction.

Two years following the successful establishment and launch of the Croatian, Serbian, and Slovenian markets, I orchestrated four events featuring Dr. Dain Heer in both Zagreb and Opatija. 

These events attracted over 200 participants from across the globe.


In addition, I played a pivotal role in expanding awareness of the technique through various media channels, encouraging greater engagement among individuals.

With the Balkan Countries successfully integrated, I extended my role to encompass that of a body class facilitator.

This expanded role allowed me to globally educate individuals on a profound comprehension of effective communication with and understanding of the body's intelligence. Moreover, I emphasized a more organic approach to facilitating personal well-being, fostering change and restoration.

Having melded 15 years of facilitation, coaching, leadership training, meditation, and yoga into a unified approach, I present the "You are the Power" coaching program. It's a bespoke journey designed to guide you towards your aspirations and dreams.

Let me assist you in rediscovering the boundless power within you.

Believe that you possess greater strength than you realize, and acknowledge your immense capabilities.

Reach out, and let's co-create the life you've been yearning for.

With love and gratitude,


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