Why is MONEY a problem?

Aug 11, 2022

Why is MONEY a problem?
Are you coming from a place of not enough?
Do you overspend sometimes to feel better?
Are you feeling anxiety and panic triggered by opening the bills or when you think about money? Do you worry about money when you go to sleep?
Do you feel guilty when you spend Money?
Are you afraid of looking at your bank balance or talking to the bank? Are you ASHAMED for needing a support on this matter?
“Money is never the problem, WE are.”

Do you know WHY?
WE are aware.
WE are not alone.
WE are programmed TO BELIEVE.

Millions of people in the world have the same issue? What vibrational wave are you connected to and how much have you bought the belief system of money limitation from your culture, parents, friends, etc…

"Our brains, in scarcity and crisis (even a little crisis), tell us we're always going to feel the way we feel right now and this hardship will last forever if we don’t choose to change perspective and educate ourselves. Buying things rewards your brain with a fleeting high, which helps to distract you from emotional pain."

"What if you can have a relationship to Money & WEALTH where you reward, invest in yourself without avoiding or defending feelings or past experiences?"


When you buy a limitation about what you can receive, you are telling the universe that you do not desire the contribution that the of energy the universe can be for you. You are the source for the generative energy that creates everything that’s showing up in your life - the good, the bad and the ugly, says Gary Douglas the founder of Access Consciousness.

What do YOU desire to create and generate and have as YOUR FINANCIAL Reality?
Would you be willing to explore that and get out of fear, debt, shame, blame, regret and start creating your LIFE and LIVING?

When I changed my mindset from scarcity, poverty consciousness to creating, choosing, investing and asking, everything has changed for me.
I shifted from having tons of points of views and poverty consciousness to educate myself about Money and live the life I desire in EASE, JOY and GLORY.

Modul 1. starts October.

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Modul 2. November
Modul 3. December
Modul 4. January
Modul 5. February
Modul 6. March

Some of the topics we will unlock for you:

1. unleash your uniqueness and apply the tools so that they work for you.
2. bring presence and authenticity into your money story and bring it into the light.
3. un-shame the past, claim your value, and learn to write a new money chapter.
4. Learn how to release a constant money flow.
5. Learn to create a budget.
6. Learn to go beyond problems into possibilities.
7. Learn entrepreneunial skills; such us knowing when to take risks and when not to.
8. A way of life that is more fun and in harmony with your values and desires.

You will be a part of the network that supports you after the class.
Welcome to CHOOSE to BE RICH AND WEALTHY in every aspect of your life.

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