Jul 13, 2021

Developing consciousness about the body is an important element of consciousness that we cannot forget while we develop other levels of it. Our body can tell us what it needs or what is excessive, for us to harmonize our behavior with our true needs.

We, as human beings, have a complex and refined inner world. We can think in abstract categories, we have a delicate and developed range of emotions, we have a complex way of communicating with the outer world and we have huge potential for creation. Still, in the world of ideas, creation, and learning, we often neglect our basic tool: the body. Although it seems that we are oriented on survival and every day needs to feed, protect and secure health for the body, we are often not able to hear what it has to tell us. Nor do we have good quality contact with it.

Bringing awareness to the body can be really important because in that way we can get clear instructions for the best way of taking care of ourselves – and also to accept our body without any judgment. There are numerous ways for developing a good relationship with our body and I want to present to you what possibilities for joy and creation we can have by bringing the awareness to the body. 

Relationship to the body

Our relationship with the body is unconscious of what our body is trying to tell us. I run workshops about the body and the way of communicating with it all over the world. Most people come to these workshops when they already have some problems. The relationship we have with our bodies is based mostly on monologue, projections, and conclusions. Too often people give themselves answers to the question about what is happening with their body, instead of asking the body to make them aware of the problem. When we all would be willing enough to hear the subtle messages of our body, maybe we would never feel the pain again. Pain is the way our body communicates consciousness to us. 

So, rather than assuming what the answer is, how about requesting and starting a dialogue with the body and starting to listen? The more we talk to the body, asking questions and listening, the more we become sensitive and intimate and one with our body.

Let us ask ourselves how many times a day we judge our bodies? How many judgments do we give to our body daily? What do we generate then? Things that we judge! What if the body is offering a different possibility?

How about asking these questions:

“Body, what are you aware of? Body, is this mine or does it belong to someone else? How can we change this? Show me!”

What our body reveals to us when we listen.

We can find out what we like, what standard of life we would like to have. We can find out if the pain is ours, or that we have the capacity to help some other body. Our bodies have amazing capacities constantly receiving different information. We altogether are part of that organism.

What if we can find out what our body truly likes to eat and drink instead of modeling our behavior according to outside information? If we include the body into every aspect of our life it becomes our best friend. And we don’t have to control it anymore or neglect it because it is here to introduce us to ourselves. 

How to connect with your body? 

There are lots of different methods that can contribute to that relationship. I am a practitioner of classical homeopathy, teacher of kundalini yoga, Nia trainer, but above all, I use Access Consciousness® energetic processes.

With the Access Consciousness tools, we can activate 52 different body processes for releasing blockages, pain and receiving consciousness about how we create limitations of our body. What would happen if we wouldn’t judge our body, fatty cells or pain? Would it change anything? This method is about communication with the body by asking questions and through activation of energetic processes.

Would you be willing to ask your body what can be changed, instead of deciding in advance what must be changed and when?

Access Consciousness processes are an invitation to have a completely different reality with the body that we have, with bodies of other people, and also with the planet that we live on. What can we do for ourselves and how can we become aware of our potential that maybe stays hidden deep inside of some trauma in the body?

Ask yourself:

“What if my body is a source of power and consciousness?”

I always recommend that we invest time and money in our bodies, which means that we seek for possibilities, education, workshops, and courses that will contribute to our knowledge. Nobody taught us that the body is one of the most important elements of our lives. In school, they teach us everything, but not how to take care of our bodies, which is very important, because if we don’t have a healthy body in this reality, what is left for us?

I would highly recommend more movement because our bodies love to move.

  • Ask questions to your body and be aware of the sensations that you feel. What your body loves and what gives it joy. And would you be willing to give that to your body?
  • Do something nice and good for your body every day. Set aside an hour a day for activities that please your body.
  • Pay attention to the sensations in the body! Your body does not communicate with words, so do not expect straightforward answers. I’m guided by the way that something that my body likes is easy for me to do, to be and to feel. Follow the feeling of lightness!
  • Regarding physical activities, I would recommend exploring which exercise suits you best. I like to do Nia dance, to walk in nature or by the sea every morning. I use a bicycle as much as I can, and since I live in Sweden, I often go to the sauna and swim in the cold ocean. My body enjoys these activities and enjoys that I make time for physical activities and massages.

So, explore activities and choose the ones that please you, and not the ones that bother you or exhaust you. The more you play with the capabilities of your body, the more creative it will get and it will become a greater contribution to your life.

Don’t forget to listen to your body, because the more carefully you listen, it will become clearer in speaking to you. Give thanks to your body every night and surround yourself with people that will appreciate your body. Ask yourself what else is possible if you would stop suffering because of your body and start to enjoy it.

What else can you create in your life just because your body is a gift that you have?

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