Jul 13, 2021

Often, we have ideas about starting our own business or changing our profession. We have the desire; we make plans – and often we quit even before we start. How can we make a better life for ourselves and manifest our passion in our business?

The biggest problem in business is that people try to make it serious and right, and they are vested in the outcome. I learned on my journey that business has a vital force to it and it is about creation. It is the same energy as falling in love and letting love grow. All that energy that is so creative in the beginning if you keep up with that spirit and allow the creativity to flow you will have fun, the money will come and your life will become extraordinary.

When there is no conclusion there is generative and creative energy. There are willingness and curiosity to ask questions and to receive information without judgment from anyone and everyone and from everywhere and everything.


After 10 years of facilitating classes globally, my experience is that people come to classes and usually, they don’t have any clarity, any vision or any target. Many people believe that only by attending the class, the money will come and business will take care of itself. They are result-oriented and short-termed.

What if you can create your business 50 years in the future, 100 and more and what if you can create from a point view that creates possibilities for everyone not only for you. By focusing on contribution and not on the competition you will out-create yourself every day and step into limitless capacities and energy. Your creativity will grow every day and even it’s uncomfortable it will continue to create. Never stop, never give up, and never give in! As my book, ‘You are the power‘ says: “Create the life you desire!”

Are you willing to do what it takes to become a billionaire? To educate yourself about business and make it work for YOU? Are you willing to be aware of the future?


If your business is a challenge, don’t make it so significant. There are no problems only situations, and possibilities. Put on new glasses and look at everything from a new point of view. Ask yourself every day:

“What can I be or do different today that will contribute to my business?”

If your business is a lover – how innovative would you be to inspire, empower, honor and play with your lover?

Imagine that you have that point of view about your business and you add that energy. You will probably be very surprised about what will come in return. When the challenge is there, be willing to look at what tools you can add to increase your awareness about money and business, about the market, about what the future will bring.


  • Be aware of your finances. Be aware of every penny that comes in and every cost that you have. That’s information and road map to change. If what you are generating is not enough, ask for more.
  • Be willing to add people that know more than you, who are better than you in certain areas, but don’t buy everything people say about your business, trust your knowledge and be willing to be aware. You are the leader of your life. Be willing to be committed to your life.
  • Be willing to honor your business. If your product is people, a business of well-being, be willing to charge for your services. I learned a lot on this journey. I learned to honor others and how to open to receiving.
  • Be willing to invest in your business. Invest energy, money, joy, love, and move on! Never stop! Never give up! Never give in!
    That means to out-create you, your friends, everyone with consciousness, your talents, abilities, and gratitude for being alive. What if you can contribute to other people to become billionaires? What would that create for you and the world?


There is no such thing as failure. It doesn’t exist. Failure is a distractor in the human mind so that you never go beyond and access your infinite capacities. Failure will always keep you at the same level as the friends you have around you. I would highly recommend you to surround yourself with truly positive people, that inspire you, empower you and excite you. Ask yourself:

“If failure didn’t exist – where would I be and what would my life look like?”

What if the universe supported you? What if the universe had your back?

Ask this every day:

“Universe show me the way and keep me on the road of possibilities!”

With love,

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