How Energy PULLS changed my life?

energypull life relax vladicadjordjevic Dec 06, 2022

What if I told you that you can create your life energetically? Would you believe me or would you stop reading here?

After years of going to bed with a heavy state of mind and waking up in the morning feeling un-ease to say the least, I realized I have to change something drastically! I was thinking the same thoughts in the morning, throughout the day and up until the moment I went to bed. Therefore, I was doing the same things and then complained about how nothing had changed.

A few years with that same habit and there you go - that becomes your now and - your future tomorrow. Is this something that you recognize? Which are your favorite tormenting thoughts that had become your habit?

Which thoughts, feelings, emotions and actions do you wake up with and how do you defend or avoid to change that?


Every decision, judgment or conclusion that you make is something that you impose on yourself.

How many behavioral impositions are you creating that keeps you from changing your life?

We impose this on ourselves to be able to exist in this reality and most of the habits aren’t even ours, they are not us. We are much greater than our habits and our capacities are amazing.

I started to practice the tool ENERGY PULL EVERY morning and I did the classes in the evening. After a couple of months I noticed that I felt lighter and it was easier for me to create and engage with my projects and my relationships.I didn’t felt drained and sucked into other people’s problems. My habit of thinking about the problems had changed. I was able to distinguish what was true, what was a lie, and what did I bought from others as mine.

I was going to bed with ease and was waking up with ease, too.

Energy pulls are like a meditation. They are very potent in creating different patterns of behavior.

When you change your habits, learn to follow the energy and connect with infinite possibilities, you are becoming aware of choices that create more for you and that itself contributes to actualizing your desires such as partnership, money, business, body magic and more.

Imagine being in partnership and creationship with the entire Universe, relaxed into your LIFE and LIVING.

Imagine knowing that you are being nurtured, cared for and that everything is showing up in the right time exactly when you need it.

What does that require from YOU?? To RELAX AND RECEIVE. How does it work.

You are already being the energy pulls. You have to know how to use them and practice being aware if you are pulling or pushing and how others are being with you.

The best way to learn this is to join me in one of my webinars with a group of people. You will get the clarity on how to, where and what.

You are invited to energy pull exercise class to radically transform your life!


Let´s practice:
1. Find a comfortable place or just ask your body to relax. Be aware of your body, your thoughts, feelings, emotions. Allow everything to be as it is. There is nothing you have to do. JUST BE.
Push down all your barriers - just ask for it - and expand your energy in all directions as far as you can go. When you think you have reached the end, expand out a little bit more into the far reaches of the Universe.
Be aware of the room you are in and allow everything to be included: the smell, the sound and just ask to connect with the planet Earth and the entire Universe..

2. Now, pull energy to you and through you. Pull it from behind you, in front of you, from both sides, from above and below you. Ask it to pull stronger and just sit with this for a while.
This could even be a good time to say the Access mantra: ‘All of life comes to me with ease, joy and glory’. If you do this every day, it won’t be long before you are being an energy pull of magnitude proportions.

3. Ask: What energy, space, consciousness, choice can I be today to be greater and have more ease?
What contribution can I be and receive?

4. Pull more energy until you sense your heart is opening up. Flow energy with gratitude to everyone who is looking for you to play with you and to create with you.

5. Express your gratitude for everything you have created and for everyone being in your life.

You are ready to start you day!

Welcome to join my Energy pull Program that will CONTRIBUTE TO MORE POSSIBILITIES in completely transforming your life – with ease!


 You and your friends are invited to a

30X30 ENERGY PULLS - Izvor mogućnosti - 1.1. - 30.1.2023.



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