Jul 13, 2021

Have you ever wondered if your business could be your inspiration? Or if your body could be your inspiration? What if we can wake up each day strongly believing in our values, where the enthusiasm for our vision is always attainable to us, and we are committed to knowing our possibilities?

When we understand what we are, we can step into the creation, and we will know that we matter. When we know our vision we will be inspired just by being ourselves and this becomes the way we communicate to the world.


What would you like to change 5 years from now? With your relationship, body, your finances, the world… If someone asks you about your life today, what story are you telling people? If you ponder these questions, it will give you awareness about what is possible to create.

My vision for achieving fulfillment and potential is undefinable in words, and I am inviting you to get out of your story and step into the creation. My second book is soon coming out and it is about the intelligence of and with our bodies and all my experience in working with thousands of people. We all have the story we tell ourselves and I know that we have the power to change the story.

Many of us come to families that are not easy, and we develop stories about the world. These stories can be a source of behavioral and emotional patterns that hold our creativity back. When we learn what our strengths and weaknesses are, what the opportunities are in the world and what threats we can change into possibilities, then we can rewrite the stories and become limitless in our choice of growth. When we learn how to tell a new story we can transform and change not only our lives but the world, and we have a sense that the universe has our back and that we are supported in every choice and can access the energy of looking at our business as an inspiration.


With the above, I would like to inspire you to take action about your future. If you don’t have a vision yet, this is what you do:

  1. Project 5 to 10 years into the future…

    What does it look like? Would you like to live that life now already?
    Feel the energy of where you’re going to be five years in the future. How does it feel? What would happen if you duplicated that energy?

    Bring it into you right now.

    If you will duplicate what the future is going to be, you can duplicate it and you can start to create the future right now.

  2. Ask yourself how can you do to do things with more efficiency.

  3. Stay focused!

    To manifest what you desire you have to be willing to be in the question, ask a question and allow yourself to follow the energy! Make a demand on yourself that you are going to take every action that is required to live the dream.

  4. Let’s get out of this reality of what is right and wrong.

    Follow your heart! To have instant manifestation, it’s going to require you to believe that magic is possible. In this reality, you cannot have the magic. Be like the curious child that sees possibility in everything.

    Question everything!! Question everyone!! Trust YOU!

    Question is the source for the creation of your life.

    That is why I keep saying “Live as the question, not the answer.”

What if you had no problems in life?

What if you only had the joy of creating, manifesting and living the dream?


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