Jul 13, 2021

“Develop the strength of a man, but live as a woman”
– Lao Tzu

It is said that masculine energy is more active and feminine energy more receiving. What qualities does each of them bust within us and how to balance them?

The questions this month from readers were:

Why is it important for us to balance our male and female energy? How do we allow ourselves to be open to the easiness of female energy?

When we look at someone, we automatically define them by their physics as male or female and it becomes a label, a costume. Many people are not allowed to have opposite qualities and there is a scar on the genetic subconscious mind about female and male appearance.

Many men feel ashamed of being called a feminine man and women of being called masculine.

This has led to an imbalance in our world and lives. What if we can have both: masculine and feminine energy and choose consciously what is required in different situations?! What if that is a natural strength that we have as we all have both energies within us?

We are not from different planets; we are from planet Earth.

Let us instead learn how to use these qualities to our advantage.

It is said that masculine energy is more active and feminine energy more receiving.

The Mayans divided the world into masculine and feminine energy:

The feminine was about sharing, caring, nurturing as well as nonmaterial aspects of the Universe.
The masculine was concerned with the material aspects such as striving, achieving, building and competing.

Buddhists, for example, believe that the right side of the brain is feminine; which is intuition, creativity, and the bigger picture – and that the left side is masculine; which is about logic, math, facts, language.

It is also the dominant concept in biology; we all come from sperm and egg and have both energies within us. We are born male and female – not masculine and feminine.

Ask these questions:

Which is your dominant energy? Do you have a feeling about that?

What if we can be that genius in both science (masculine) and art (feminine) and we can be dedicated to both logic (masculine) and beauty (feminine)? What if we gain by learning about all of our energies and use them to our advantage?

Consider Yin and Yang for example. Yin is water and Yang is the sun. The Yang energy is a powerful source of energy that gives us life but without water, there would be drought and everything would wither and die.

Here are some tips!

If you are too feminine choose to welcome the masculine energy by:

  • engaging in some type of sport
  • competing in a dance completion or something else
  • reading something scientific
  • spending time with masculine people
  • constructing a project

If you are too masculine you can welcome your feminine energy by:

  • getting in touch with your emotions, don’t run away from them, engage with them
  • expressing your emotions to your friends
  • practicing to let go of control
  • asking for help and be willing to receive
  • spending time alone
  • meditating
  • finding a creative hobby

Please remember to have fun and be gentle with YOU!

With joy and gratitude,


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