Jul 13, 2021

Are you yearning for money, wealth and becoming abundance? I’m inviting you to join me on a transformational journey through consciousness. I will offer you tools which you can use to co-create with the Universe!

The very moment you decide that there is something that you can’t have, you have created a deficiency, a point of view, belief and limitation. Of course, we don’t think it consciously. We believe that this couldn’t be our choice. The thing is, that in the same way we create a deficiency, we can also create money and abundance.

Have you ever noticed how often people are trying to prove that they aren’t wealthy?

What have you decided? Have you become so attached to poverty as the way you should live your life, that it’s stopping you from becoming as wealthy as you actually are?

Walls are solid, aren’t they? But science is telling us something different. They are structured of densely and slowly moving molecules. Every time you find yourself with a fixed point of view, molecules are actually moving so slowly that it is creating obscurity through which you are not able to see, thus creating a different choice. So, the problem is that we are creating unconsciousness which is becoming a reality.

Words arise all sorts of emotions in people in my classes.

Say them out loud:

Sex and relationships!

Try to observe what is happening in your body right now. Do you have a sense of spaciousness and lightness or a bunch of decisions of what you can or can’t be or have? What have you decided regarding wealthy people? Are they miserable, bad, scary? Have they accumulated their wealth on the backs of the poor?

What is true?

How to choose to become the energy of wealth?!

If you wish to transform your finances through transforming energies, you should be prepared to work on this by engaging your consciousness first and foremost. When you engage and practice your awareness you won’t find yourself saying “I can’t, I don’t have, That’s not for me, I can’t afford that…”. The moment you develop full awareness, you will have options and a different array of possibilities which will give you your freedom back. And freedom is magical!

Tools for change

How would you like to live, what would you like to have and create?

  • Gratitude

In my book, ‘You are the power, choose to create the life you desire‘ I write about gratitude. That is a good start. We should be thankful for all we have and all we believe we don’t have. Be thankful for every euro, dollar or franc that has come into your life even if it didn’t come when you wanted it to come. Be grateful for every gift that is given to you and consider how you can use it to create more for yourself and for the world.

Talk to the money: “I am so grateful for you and thankful that you are coming to me without a hitch. I am the flow of receiving, having and giving. I am the power! I am money!”

  • Asking questions

The Universe is kind and wants to be a contribution to your life. Are you willing to be grateful and ask more questions? Ask questions because they are pivotal in clearing up your vision of life.

When we develop clarity, we are working with flowing energy. Flow is our way of co-creating with the Universe. If there is obscurity around our desires and visions of life, we are always chasing after something that remains unreachable for us. If we lack clarity regarding our reasons for wanting more money, we will never be able to attain our goals. The sole purpose of money is not to fill up our bank account. It is movement, it is energy flowing towards the clear vision of life.

Here is an example:

I was in Moscow recently and while walking on the Red Square I found myself in one of the most exclusive shopping malls in the world.

I asked myself “If money wasn’t an issue for me right now, what would I like to buy here?” I asked my body to find that object for me. I came in front of the Cartier shop and saw a beautiful watch that I liked very much. The price tag was 8.000 €.

Again, I asked myself a question: “If I buy this watch now, will it create something more?” And the answer was “No, not now.”

My next question was “Where or on what does this amount of money desire to be spent in order to create more?” My answer was that it needed to be spent on my book which will be a contribution to the expansion of consciousness around the world.

When we are able to see what our limitations and beliefs are, we can easily confirm what has been our modus operandi so far and that from this moment we are looking for a change.

So, we look for the change within ourselves first, and then we can begin to walk the path of transformation. Whenever we notice that we are returning to our old ways we should say to ourselves “STOP! I know this energy a little too well and it’s of no use to me anymore!”

Follow the energy of your life and your vision. Be prepared to ask a question at every moment. “Is this the right path for me and my consciousness?” Maybe it won’t appear as you think it should, but nothing in life is linear and in that sense, good practice for you would be to write your questions in a notebook and have a look in it from time to time, to check the progress.

Although we sometimes consider ourselves as irrelevant and insignificant parts of the planet, we are actually all needed here. We all have strong tendencies to judge, determine, and decide, but in reality, the moment we let go of these holding points we can start having fun with what we do. As soon as we are having fun and are enjoying ourselves, we don’t have any reason to complain about the lack of something.

  • Choice

How do we stand in our full capacities and create a new reality?

I wish to tell you that this is so, so simple. Your choice is taking you exactly where you want to go.

“What energy, space, and consciousness can me and my body be, so we can receive total clarity and ease with this for all eternity?”

Ask yourself this question 2 times daily for 30 days; in the morning when you wake up and in the evening when you go to sleep. If an idea springs up in your mind, write it down. If obstacles occur just tell them to go back to their source. Keep asking questions to obtain clarity of your vision.

All of our choices have their own energy and life force. If you observe them without judgment and acknowledge them, you are giving them space and energy to grow and develop in ways you couldn’t even imagine in your dreams.


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