RELEASE THE BEAST – Unlock your power | Teleseries (English)

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3-part telecall

Includes: .m4a audios of the calls and group sessions

You know something about you… is now the time for you to BE it and RECEIVE it?


Are you pleasing everyone else except yourself? Keeping limitations so valuable that they are holding you back? Hiding your own superhero and not allowing challenges to unlock your power and gift you to you?

We are entering 2020 with expectations from ourselves and from others that this is the year we will reach our goals.

We all have capacities and are creatures of magic that are not linear. But when you choose less and avoidance you create pain and suffering. I am inviting you to your strengths and undefinable capacities – to allow yourself to release your superpowers and claim, own, and be the giant you be.

You have power coming from the core of you, connected to the source.

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