Duration: 60 minutes

Meet live in person or via Skype.


As a certified 3-day Body Class facilitator, Vladica have a lot of experience with bodies and the 52 body processes that are facilitated in class of which about 32 processes as private sessions.

Access Consciousness® body processes are a gentle hands-on process. The body has locked in certain limitations: these get released. Meanwhile, the body has also turned off certain capacities: these get turned on again. These processes are very dynamic and can create a lot of change within a short time. All of your molecules have an awareness of your entire universe, and they don’t function from past, present and future as a reality but a continuously greater creation of future.
I speak directly to the cells and molecules, which allows them to change and shift. You are treated at a molecular level and the body is asked to do what it is capable of doing naturally.

Example of some of the body processes Vladica facilitates:


*Antalgic Shadows
Antalgic refers to positions assumed to avoid pain. Antalgic shadows clear the remnants of antalgic postures from other times, space, dimensions, and realities which distort posture and cause pain here.

*Zero Sum of Trauma
A hands-on process for when the body has been traumatized. It undoes the effect of cumulative trauma on the body. The need for it occurs with repeated trauma when you get used to the pain you are living with and experience more and more trauma until debilitation occurs. The Zero Sum Trauma process undoes whatever locks the trauma into place.

*Correcting Vision
This process is to correct vision and also works for sinus problems.

*Cellular Memory 
To reverse the effects of physical trauma and scar tissue on the body.

*Square Root of Minus One
This dynamically overcomes normal diseases – colds and flues get eliminated in a matter of hours – and change the whole immune system and structure. Works very well against insomnia.

*Restoration of Immunocytosis
This restores the immune system of people with cancer. It has dynamic effects on people undergoing chemotherapy, which allows them to experience the therapy with ease and even without hair loss!