Nothing Should Shake You From The Awakening Art That Is Within You –
The Art Of Living And The Art Of Being You.

My name is Vladica Djordjevic, and I am a renowned international facilitator and life changer.

In the past 9 years, I have been facilitating people worldwide with tools and processes that change their bodies, relationships, money flows and their entire life. It is fun, potent and energetic. Would you be willing to step into everything that you be, no matter what it looks like?

What if I tell you that everything is possible? The only limitation is what is coming from your thoughts, feelings, and emotions and if we shift that, then it’s possible for you to shift your entire life and everything around you.


I was born in Serbia and came to Sweden as a little girl. I studied business economics and worked for more than 20 years in the business world. With a really great job I had everything I needed on a material level, but  I was constantly unhappy and in pain with my body. I had eczema and rheumatic pain, and the doctors diagnosed me with having Fibromyalgia.


This was not acceptable to me as I desired to find the answers to the questions I kept asking myself “Who am I? What is my purpose!? Why am I here?” 

I started doing personal growth work and  was searching for the answer to my relationship, to my pain, for THE answer to it all. And I realized that I was really searching for the REAL ME and my true passion in life. I always wanted to be a facilitator, write, paint and in some way contribute to others that also have big dreams and want to live an extraordinary life. No matter what has happened to you, no matter how many times you have fallen, the real you have never been damaged or compromised.

I came into contact with different modalities and what fascinated me was Classical Homeopathy and the teaching of Yoga. These were my first baby steps to understand the art of healing the body. I became a classical homeopath, initiated in Kriya Yoga and a Kundalini Yoga teacher. I attended different leadership programs and in 2009 I found Access Consciousness.


I stepped into the energy of ME that I was not aware existed before. The capacities of me were unstoppable as I reached spaces that I didn’t know was possible and the work I did with people became almost magical and miraculous. People reported tremendous change after each class and session they took with me and this was the beginning of a way to work with bodies and energies.


My son was dramatically killed in 2010 and this situation completely changed my life. And yet through that experience, I chose to become a contribution to the world and to live in gratitude. It was as if a miraculous light was carrying me in the very moment I chose that.

2019 I launched the book ‘YOU ARE THE POWER – Choose to Create the Life you Desire‘. Based on my life, it demonstrates how “dialing in” to life itself when the unthinkable happens is possible. With practical tools, meditations and coaching I show you how to reconnect based on your own circumstances. The book uses joy, humor, remembrance, and reflection to help you find the places within your own self where you have locked away your potential and removed yourself from the space of being.


Based on the book, I have developed the coaching program ‘YOU ARE THE POWER – Choose to Create the Life you Desire’. If you are looking for real change and results where you are in control of your destiny, then this program is your tool. I specialize in helping you individuate from your old conditioned patterns to get you to a higher level of consciousness, and a place and space of choice and joy, where you are the driver and creator of your life.


This is what I would like to invite you to. To be the catalyst of change in YOUR life so you can lead your life in the NOW. Not from the past and the future to come – from the NOW. From these 10 seconds that are available to you now. Where you can choose to be the creator of a new Earth, where healing and possibilities are as natural as the thriving of the planet where everything exists and nothing is judged.

Are you willing to?

Welcome to my world crafted with love and passion! What contribution can I be to your world?

With gratitude and JOY,