With a joyful and wonderful sense of humour her teaching and guidance will take you to the places where you have locked your potential and stopped you from the space of Being.

She is best known for her teachings where she inspires people to shift their consciousness through transformational processes and access their own knowing, heal their bodies and their life. What if consciousness were actually the most potent healing force on the planet?  Would you be willing to use it to heal whatever ails you?

Join this amazing women in any of her classes world-wide and choose to STEP into everything YOU ARE now!

Dearest amaziiiiiing awsome Vladica What a pleasure and honour it was to meet you last week in Paris! I absolutely adored being part of this class with you and see you in action. I love the embodied possibility you are offering and the absolutness of your dedication to joy and freedom. Your facilitation was phenomenal and it was beautiful ...
Kalinka Poullain-Jacobs
Thank YOU Vladi for such amazing class. You are a real firework with so many capacities. I enjoyed being with you these 3 days. My body released so much shift and felt nurtured all the time. Thank YOU so much for being you!
Esther, Switzerland
Dear Vladica, I love your amazing dynamic energy and your sexualness. Thank YOU so much for gifting us this class and for the gift that you are. So much gratitude for this opportunity of translating and receiving your Body Class.
Paula Nicolin
Vladica as a facilitator is really about more Than meets the eye. It is an experience that seems impossible to describe and something you need to try for yourself. Her deep and outstanding knowledge of recovery processes in Body, mind and soul is astonishing.
Ilse Svensson de Jong