You are the Power – Create the life you desire
Book release in Zagreb May 16th

Vladica Djordjevic is a woman who through many courses around the world unlocks places where you have locked up your potential and stopping yourself.

A woman known for her teachings in which she inspires people to approach her consciousness through transformational processes and approaches to what is true of them, and the to choose healing for their body and life.

In her facilitation, she ses the tools of Access Consciousness and numerous other techniques to facilitate you to  gain more awareness, ease and joy in life. She is also known for its eloquence, elegance and contagious joy of life.

She wrote a book ”You Are the Power – Create the life you desire ”, which follows its incredible story and a vicious event – the death of her son who was violently killed a few years ago, and her journey from despair to light, joy of life and dialing of life itself when the  unthinkable happens .

The book also offers practical tools to re-connect with  the magic of life and choose a life worth living.